Learn to Skate

Welcome to our learn to skate page. Come back often to find more tips on how to improve your skating. Have some fun!

“I promise that I can help you learn to skate better! Try a group or private lesson by appointment. A skating lesson can be for first time skaters or more experienced skaters who want to brush up or learn a new skating skill.” Doug

Learn to skate or brush up with a lesson. Let’s get rolling. Be safe.

Here are video links to help you get started…

  • Basics of Roller Skating… click here… Enjoy!
  • Advanced Roller Skating… click here… More skate fun!

*Tips to have more FUN while skating!

  • Wear a good pair of tall socks. Some skaters like to wear 2 pair of socks.
  • Remember you will improve your skating when you skate more often.