Laser Tag

Laser Blast (laser tag) is READY!

*Mobile (at your location. back yard / school or church gym)
*at the rink (public or private time)

Laser Blast is a unique interactive adventure that puts players right into the heat of the action. After a brief explanation of the game rules, each player powers up their phaser, ready to seek, find, and tag opposing players for points. Flights of 4. Winners move on. Final winner is Champion!

Fun for everybody in the family, Laser Blast is appropriate for ages 7 and up. Adults like to play as much as kids! The game uses advanced technology that is safe for everyone… no actual lasers are used in the Laser Blast equipment.

Great for Birthdays, Families, Youth Groups, Scouts, Office Team Building

We have mobile rental, too. Your party at your location. Call 517-437-3541