Ultimate Interactive Family Fun

Let’s get the kids off the computer and away from their video games. Don’t be virtual .. be real .. with Family Time that includes toddlers to teens and children through adults (even grandparents can skate).

Thursdays and Saturdays are the best days for families looking for something to do TOGETHER. Roller Skating is a great way for families of all ages to spend time with each other and have some fun, too!

It’s time to roll 🙂

Birthday Party sk8 fun

Summer is a great time to have a roller skating Birthday Party. We feature parties during our open skate time Thursday evening and Saturday afternoon. Private parties can be held 7 days, with most being held on Saturday and Sunday. I do recommend calling and making your reservation early so that you can get the day and time that you want. The favorite time of all is when the Birthday Child gets to go in our party cash cube where it’s fun to grab as much money as possible 🙂
We look forward to serving you and helping you have the BEST birthday party ever!


New skaters can learn to skate!

We’ve added more Skate Mate skater trainers! These are pvc carts on wheels and really help new skaters build confidence while improving balance on skates. There are 4 sizes to choose from so that even young skaters will have a chance to get an assist while learning. On Saturday new skater kids like to roller skate with our Skate Mate trainer; plus, it’s even more fun in our bounce house and trampoline. No skates. No problem. We have roller skate rentals! Come over ready to roll on Saturday 2-5 pm. See you skating!


Our new website

SkateHillsdale.com has been redone and I’d like your feedback. There are some new pages like Learn to Skate, Upcoming Events, and the Blog. How do you like the new look? Be sure to suggest ideas for the Blog. Happy skating. Doug


Welcome to the new Stadium Skating Rink Blog!

We’re looking forward to keeping you updated on all our upcoming events, so stay tuned!

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